What we do

We make a real impact in the lives of women and children who need us most.

What We Do

Fight hunger and poverty

Millions of children and families face hunger and food insecurity every day. We fund backpack programs to ensure kids have food after school and on weekends, we support meals programs for women in day centers for the homeless, and ensure isolated seniors receive wellness checks and have access to healthy foods.

Support victims of domestic abuse

One in four women will experience physical violence by their intimate partner at some point in her life. Domestic violence shelters across the country help protect these women and their children. Your gift to the Make Sense Foundation helps fund emergency shelter, counseling, and recovery for this vulnerable population.

Serve the homeless

Women and families represent the fastest-growing groups of the homeless population. Most homeless families are led by a young single mother without familial support and financial resources. Homeless women and children need access to safe shelter and mental health resources, help to overcome barriers to employment and financial stability, and encouragement as they navigate toward self-sufficiency.

Provide training and education

Every woman deserves the right to reach her full potential and achieve financial success. Acquiring new job skills, getting help writing a resume and practicing interview skills, and receiving wardrobe essentials help build women’s confidence and self-esteem, leading to success and financial independence.  

Rescue victims of sex trafficking

The vast majority of victims of sex trafficking are young women and girls. Victims are robbed of their identities and are forced live and survive in unspeakable circumstances. More shelters and services are critically needed to combat this growing problem.

Invest in at-risk youth

Kids without good support systems become vulnerable to drug use, crime, dropping out of school, and other forms of delinquency that prevent them from achieving their full potential. Prevention programs, counseling services, and mentoring offer hope for kids who need it.

Incarceration alternatives and reintegration services

Kids need their mommas. The Make Sense Foundation helps keep families together by supporting programs that keep mothers out of jail or prison while allowing children to stay with mom and receive the counseling services they need. If mom had to serve time, we fund programs that help her get back on her feet, gain employment, and reunify the family.

Promote health, wellness, and healing

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Through fundraising, SeneGence independent distributors help provide survivor camps, clinics, mammograms, prosthetics, wigs, research, and more to support these brave survivors. 

And so much more…!

The mission of the Make Sense Foundation is to support women and children in need. We thrive on giving back to charitable organizations in your communities that help us accomplish our charitable purpose. We hope you’ll join our mission by donating today!


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