The MSF Charity Ambassador (MCA) is a high-ranking distributor (Countess and above) who is an influencer with a strong social media presence, a strong, active downline, as well as a passionate heart. Appointed by the Executive Director of The Make Sense Foundation, the MSF Charity Ambassador must be a current donor at the Premier Level or above (minimum of $250 annually) and serve as an active advocate for MSF.

There are two (2) Ambassadors chosen each calendar year; one chosen in February for Seminar, and one chosen in August for Leaders. The MSF Charity Ambassador will play a critical role in selecting the event charity/agency to receive a grant for MSF (up to $10,000).

Ambassador Duties:

  • Help launch the announcement of the chosen charity/agency.
  • Provide a picture and short bio to be posted on the MSF website and shared via social media.
  • Provide social media support and engagement in the weeks leading up to the event.
  • When able and if content is available, provide 1-2 short FB Live, Reels, or pre-recorded videos to be shared on social media.
  • Assist MSF in engaging other distributors for monetary and in-kind donations for chosen charity/agency through Raffle Ticket purchases, M&M or Gala ticket purchases, or other.
  • Be an advocate for MSF and help encourage SeneGence Distributors in your state to donate either one-time or monthly to MSF.
  • Be onstage at the designated event to receive a check donation on behalf of charity/agency as well as report results or talk more about their chosen charity.
  • Deliver actual grant check to charity post event (if local to them) capturing photos and information to share on social media month following designated event.

MSF Support:

  • The MSF Charity Ambassador will be recognized on the MSF website and all social media channels with a picture and brief biography.
  • MSF will print signage at designated events promoting the MCA and the charity.
  • MSF will provide author access for Facebook as well as Social Media content to the MSF Charity Ambassador (MCA) and a timeline for sharing content.
  • MSF will include the MCA in discussions with the agency as final plans are arranged.
  • MSF will provide a grant to chosen charity up to $10,000 based on total money raised for event.
    • Chosen Charity MUST complete Online Grant Application prior to event.
    • Raffle Ticket Sales must meet a minimum of $5,000 for Seminar and $3,500 for Leaders.
    • Gala Dinner Ticket sales for Seminar must be at a profit level of 35% minimum.
    • M&M Ticket Sales for Leaders must be at a profit level of 25% minimum.
    • NOTE: If minimums are not met, then the grant will be $5,000 maximum.