Who we are

Our mission is “Supporting women and children in need.”

Who We Are

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Joni Rogers-Kante
Founder, CEO, and Chairwoman

Joni Rogers-Kante is the Founder, CEO, and Chairwoman of SeneGence®. As the driving force behind the company, she is responsible for guiding the overall vision, overseeing new product development and marketing, and developing training programs. Joni takes a hands-on approach, coaching Distributors directly, speaking at Leaders, Seminar, and PIT Stop conferences, and hosting LIPS and SeneStar Trips.

Joni started working for the Sav-On Corporation at the age of 16. By the time she was 23, she was the Assistant Manager of the top store in the chain. As she learned from high level management, buyers, and operations experts, she knew the corporate structure was not for her. Armed with a vision and her business education, she pursued her dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Joni was introduced to a direct selling cosmetics company and recognized the incredible opportunity the industry offered to women. Her 13-year direct selling career produced jewelry, cars, awards, trips, and recognition – but more importantly, a burning desire to create a plan for establishing her own company. In 1999, SeneGence opened its doors.

Joni is also the founder of the nonprofit organization, The Make Sense Foundation®, which assists women and children in crisis through regular fundraising efforts of SeneGence Distributors and donations of sales from select SeneGence products.

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Vickie Beyer

Vickie Beyer serves as Executive Director of the Make Sense Foundation. A native of Sapulpa, OK, she brings years of non-profit experience in leadership, community investment, and financial management. By profession, she is a certified public accountant. By heart, she is a lover of people and a supporter of worthy causes.

Our Story

Joni Rogers was born in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, the heartland of America, along Route 66. She lived on a farm with her dad, brother, and her Grandpa and Grandma Rogers. Although Grandma didn’t get to town much, she still got up, dressed up, made up to take care of her family. To Joni, Grandma was a masterpiece. Watching Grandma prepare for her days formed the basis for a career Joni would build years later.

At 15, Joni moved to California to live with her mother, two sisters, and her step dad who was an executive at Sav-On Drugs (now CVS Corporation). Even as a teen, he let Joni work alongside him. He taught her about business, marketing, hard work, and ethics. As she grew older, she learned from others, too. Joni was introduced to direct sales and recognized the incredible opportunity the industry offered to women.

Joni lived through several rough years as struggling single mom. She benefited from the generosity and support of family and friends, and she was grateful for a support system that many in her circumstances did not have. Still Joni had dreams of founding her own business, selling products that really work, and providing careers for other women. She created a business plan with handwritten projections on a 12’ roll of paper. (This was before ready access to personal computers!) She make a handshake deal with a chemist and BOOM! In 1999, SeneGence International was born!

In the midst of her success, Joni remembered her years as a struggling single mom. She appreciated how SeneGence Independent Distributors contributed to the success of her company. So as her dreams for her business became a reality, Joni founded the Make Sense Foundation with a mission to support women and children in need.

The Make Sense Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Contributions to the Make Sense Foundation are tax deductible.

Our Mission

To make a real impact on women and children in need.


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