Because of you

we can help children fight hunger and poverty.

we are able to support victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

we are able to help serve the homeless.

we can aide in the help to provide training and education.

we are able to help fund the organizations fighting against sex trafficking.

we can provide additional funds to find the cure for Cancer.

we are making the difference in so many lives one dollar at a time.

Chairwoman’s Circle

($1,000 or more annually)

Aimee Enlow
Beth Harvey
Callie E Keeney
Cari Fry
Caroline Glenn
Cathy Hoolihan
Christin Slough
Dawn and Cheyenne Christian
Emily Preaus
Hayley Truesdell
Jada Cecil
Jalynn Schroeder
Jenna Clark
Jeri Taylor-Swade
Juliana Schweitzer
Karen Kerr
Karleigh Crouch
Kasie Smith
Katelyn Enos
Kelli Jones
Kimberly B Johnson
Kimberly Massey
Kimmie Monson
Krysten R Tidwell
Lacey L Demalis
Lindsey M Willey
Lisa Tippen-Morris
Liz Day
Molly Corder
Summer Alvarez
Sylvia A Cuff
Tauni Alexander

Legacy Donors

($500-$999 annually)

Ali Dawn Huestis
Amanda Chiodo
Amanda Hambleton
Amanda L Herring
April Blankenship
Callie A Black
Gina Cimmino
Jane Peterson
Jennifer Massey
Kalina R White
Lacy W Allison
Lindsey D Bourne-Green
Misty K Wartsbaugh
Robbie Webb
Shiann M Copeland

Premier Donors

($250-$499 annually)

Angela Suwyn
Audrey Salberg
Beverly C Bennett
Deborah Perrin
Dominique Hampton
Erika M Allison
Joni Rogers-Kante
Karole L Lewis
Melissa Pechey
Nicole Russell
Olivia L Stotts
Sheila K Moeller
Sheila K Young
Sierra D Unsicker
Tabatha Hancock
Tara Donato
Tari Stull
Tracy Smith

Joni Rogers-Kante, Chairwoman & Founder

Joni Rogers-Kante
Founder, CEO, and Chairwoman

Joni Rogers-Kante is the Founder, CEO, and Chairwoman of SeneGence®. As the driving force behind the company, she is responsible for guiding the overall vision, overseeing new product development and marketing, and developing training programs. Joni takes a hands-on approach, coaching Distributors directly, speaking at Leaders, Seminar, and PIT Stop conferences, and hosting LIPS and SeneStar Trips.

Joni started working for the Sav-On Corporation at the age of 16. By the time she was 23, she was the Assistant Manager of the top store in the chain. As she learned from high level management, buyers, and operations experts, she knew the corporate structure was not for her. Armed with a vision and her business education, she pursued her dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Joni was introduced to a direct selling cosmetics company and recognized the incredible opportunity the industry offered to women. Her 13-year direct selling career produced jewelry, cars, awards, trips, and recognition – but more importantly, a burning desire to create a plan for establishing her own company. In 1999, SeneGence opened its doors.

Joni is also the founder of the nonprofit organization, The Make Sense Foundation®, which assists women and children in crisis through regular fundraising efforts of SeneGence Distributors and donations of sales from select SeneGence products.